Carl Ahrens (1862-1936)

I am particularly interested in finding pottery signed by Carl Ahrens, whether it has a Roycroft impression or not. I also recently became aware that Frances Edwin Elwell, Ahrens' sculpting teacher, did a bust of Ahrens in 1892. It was exhibited in both Chicago and Montreal in 1893, but appears to have disappeared after that. I would be delighted to see an image of it.

There are specific paintings that received press during Ahrens lifetime, and have yet to be located. I have listed titles here. Sometimes he wrote the title on the back of the frame, which may have been changed over the years. Whenever possible I have linked to a description of the painting in question. The Mercer Collection was a group of 31 paintings. Please click on that link to see a list of all the titles, with links to pages about each individual painting. There are seven paintings listed under the California Missions currently.

Desperately Seeking the Following Artwork