Carl Ahrens (1862-1936)

Due to the number of available images, I have divided the paintings by time period rather than medium. Carl was notoriously bad about dating his work. Sometimes I can guess the date from the subject matter or the style alone. Other times the provenance of the work offers a clue. When in doubt, I place the painting in the mid-career category.

Early paintings were done in Nebraska, Toronto, New York, New Jersey, Waterloo County (Ontario), Southampton (Ontario) and Lambton Mills (Ontario.

Middle paintings were done in East Aurora (NY), California, Toronto, Meadowvale (Ontario), Leith (Ontario), Lambton Mills (Ontario, Gananoque (Ontario, Bobcaygeon (Ontario), Woodstock (New York) and Rockport (Massachusetts).

Late paintings were done in Galt (Ontario), England, and Toronto.