Carl Ahrens (1862-1936)

Evening in Surrey (after restoration)

Evening in Surrey (before restoration)

Harvesting (after restoration)

Harvesting (before restoration)

Leith Woods (before restoration)

The Miracle of Restoration

I've often heard Carl Ahrens referred to by curators and dealers as 'that dark tree painter' but this reputation is not entirely accurate.  Oil paintings often develop a layer of grime over the years, particularly if hung over fireplaces. Couple this with Carl's homemade varnish that yellows as it ages, and even the most vibrant work can appear significantly muted. Remove that grime and layer of old varnish, and the original, likely more vibrant, painting is revealed. Here are a few examples of paintings recently back from the conservator.

All conservation work was done by Helen Houp Fine Art Conservation.

Untitled Landscape (after restoration)

Untitled Landscape (before restoration)

Leith Woods (after restoration)